Monday, January 08, 2007

Yesterday, Fr. Ramon Ramos, C.P. delivered a 45-minute passionate sermon during mass. He spoke about why one goes to hear mass. He said that China has more than 100 martyrs and the Philippines only has one, Lorenzo Ruiz. He said that worldwide there are only 1 billion Christian Catholics, just one-sixth of the total world population. In other countries there are less than 20% Christian Catholics, but in the Philippines there are more than 80% Catholics, but if you notice very few hear mass, much less serve during mass.

Unlike in other countries, like Indonesia, a Muslim country, where there are 300,000 active Catholics. I could say that is true because I was just there and I saw that people were more devoted, more active and people actually lived as Christian Catholics. My 17-year nephew who grew up in Jakarta, prefers Hillsong CDs over rock band music and he actually gives out talks for his YFC activities and speaks about Jesus a lot.

Fr. Ramon also shared that there are 168 hours in a week and God only requires us 1 hour per week to hear mass, leaving us with 167 hours to do other things. And during mass he pointed out that we should participate. Sing, reply to responses, listen to the homily and the readings because it is only for one hour.

But then, why is it we go to mass? Fr. Ramon shared that in China they managed to have over a hundred martyers because they died for their faith, unlike here where only a handful lives for their faith. Would you die for your faith?


Gratitude said...

hello Aileen,

how are you? your blog is totally awesome, i love it :)
I am raquel by the way, I have to be honest with you that i google the name Fr. Ramon Ramos c.p.....and your blog came out,I read your blog about Fr. Ramon Ramos, I've been dying to know where is he now. His first assignment was in Bagong Silang,Caloocan and I believe that was year 1994, i was only 14 yrs old then and my friends and I was hangin' out at the church after school, and he invited us for that youth assembly that he just started, and hoping to inform as much youth as he can..
anywayz, to make the story short, we all became really close friends,and he is amazing! we just lost touch with him, i have became so busy in college then he was assigned in other church so...we just did not know what happen to him...
i would deeply,greatly appreciate it with all my heart if there's any chance that you may give me some information like what/where church he is serving at now, so i can write him a snail mail, or even e-mail address, any form of communication that I can reach him..please..please..
I have so many stories that I am excited to tell him. I am living in the US now, and just so many amazing things had happened..
will you help me please?
I am begging you...seriously...

My name is Raquel Reyes, but I am married now, but he probably, I am not sure if he will remember me, if not...its ok..its been a long long time, but still want to give it a try anyway...

also, please mention the name
Cherry Ann Gaborni and Myra.
He always called us as "three musketeers"...

so thank you for your time,
i know, it should be a comment page, you seem such a lovely young lady....thank you..thank you...
soo very much...

hoping, praying,
bless your heart,

Aileen Apolo said...

Hello Racquel,
Nice to hear from you. Fr. Ramon is currently our parish priest and I guess you can send him snail mail via the parish:
Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish
Bougainville St., Sun Valley Subdivision, Paranaque City, Metro Manila 1700 Philippines

I'll probably print this out as well so I can send it to him.

Happy new year!

Gratitude said...

hello Aileen,

oh my God, thank you soooo much!!! You had no idea how much this means to me, you are truly a heaven-sent! I can't believe this is happening, its so amazing!
well, God is amazing in every way.
I will send you a thank you note or something too, and can I use that address as well, just address it to your name? would that be ok....? ( i prefer not to ask for a personal address)
that was a super fast lightning reply, (lol) thank you, thank you.....i will visit your blog from now on, not because your helping me but because you are so brilliant, I actually started reading it now and its so amazingly fascinating...seriously, there's so many things to learn from it, I am so grateful that God led me to your blog not just to seek answers but learn in a big fabulous is that?
but again and again, Thank You, thank you with all my heart, You are a sweetheart..
Bless your heart..
Take care..

Gratitude said...

Hi Aileen again,

I just had a quick peek sa myspace mo, omg, you are sooo pretty!
i have a single brother, are you single? no, am just joking! (or not!)
love the dimples...

we'll keep in touch ha! (feeling close na ako!)

~khel (raquel)

Aileen Apolo said...

Hello Raquel,

Hehehe, glad I made someone happy today. Too bad I already have a bf, I have loads of single girlfriends here though teehee! My main blog is over at =)


Anonymous said...

Hi ms. Aileen. Nice blog! I too love father ramon. He inspires me a lot. Best priest in the world! Bdw, we dont have a common parish but i hear mass every sunday Our lady of the most holy rosary.
God bless you!

Ms. Yna