Tuesday, October 02, 2007


"The Lord is my Shepherd, there is nothing I shall want."
Psalm 23

Sometimes we all get so caught up with the mundane stuff of life like bills, work, the traffic, our task list and we forget to relax. Brother Bo in this video reminds us that, "All things will work out for the good... All is well because God is there."

That is very true.

If you notice, I write in this blog of mine sparingly. I only write here normally when I am very inspired and that's when I feel like inspiring others as well. I've been blogging for a year already and looking back, it hasn't been all roses for me, there were a lot of stinky moments (I think much more than the rosy moments). I'd say it was quite a tumultous year filled with ups and downs, but I managed because of my faith.

There were a lot of moments that I just felt like giving up, but I knew I just had to thread on. As my best friend aptly put in her Twitter yesterday, "Life goes on." During bothered times I try to remind myself about my mission and that I should just follow God's Will. That is what calms me down. And besides, He's always been there for all my adventures and misadventures, good and bad.

And I always come back. Why? Because I am His daughter.

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jun said...

"And I always come back. Why? Because I am His daughter."

As you make your turn, you realize that He has never left your side.