Saturday, May 19, 2007


Only my best friend knows how emo I could get. I could be very funny, flippant at times, jolly. You’ll never really know when I’m not happy because I don’t want people worried over me. My best friend does a good job doing that.

I don’t really deem it fit to wear my heart on my sleeve, but don’t be fooled. I get hurt too. I’m just good at hiding it. That’s why whenever friends tell me that they are in trouble, I still ask them if they are okay even though the storm has passed.

I just like to say that I appreciate a lot the people who have been rallying behind me. Cheering me on by their own accord. They’ve been sensitive enough to know that there was something amiss and I my sun wasn’t shining. I feel it’s God’s way of telling me to hold on and that there’s really nothing to be worried about.

With faith and love, nothing is impossible.

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